Galerie Rudolfinum is coming out with upcycled bags made from banners.

Some are hiding a little surprise inside.

Do you love upcycling – new things made of something old? Want to stand out from the crowd and carry stylish accessories – a true original, the only one in the world. If you are also a fan of contemporary art, you can also enjoy the feeling of everyday close contact – literally “on the body” – with your love brand, Galerie Rudolfinum. Leading Czech kunsthalle known for exhibitions of international contemporary art decided to give new use to banners for past exhibitions, specifically to produce a collection of upcycled bags of high-quality design in collaboration with the local brand LUCIELA TASCHEN, which designs from leather and vegan material Piňatex. The result is a limited collection of bags and accessories under the brand LT RUDOLF.

The collection LT RUDOLF features street style unisex messenger bags, roomy shoppers and smaller, more elegant clutches, mobile phone covers and trendy belts with a metal hoop. Also included are distinctive straps with a woven iconic logo of the gallery. Each piece of the LT RUDOLF collection is a unique numbered original – which means the buyer gets a highly practical piece of quality design, but they can also be sure that they will not meet anyone else carrying exactly the same design on the street.

“When designing the LT RUDOLF collection, we explored current environmental issues, such as waste reduction and upcycling, transforming old and discarded objects into higher value products,” said Lucia Jamrichová, owner and designer of LUCIELA TASCHEN.

Buyers can get their hands on an upcycled AJ piece: a bag or accessory made from banners for the exhibition of American artist Arthur Jafa, a global star of contemporary art. This year, Jafa has won numerous awards, including one for the best artist at the Venice Biennale. Before that, however, he had a large solo exhibition at the Galerie Rudolfinum, which opened the local exhibition season 2019. Pieces from the ACB range will delight fans of contemporary culture as they are made from banners for the A COOL BREEZE exhibition from this past summer. A dash of colours in the otherwise predominantly black and white collection come in the form of the A Paper Tower edition made from banners for the exhibition of the works of the leading Czech artist Daniel Pitín, which is still running at Galerie Rudolfinum, until 29 December 2019.

“Bags and accessories are not only exceptional in their design and the idea of ​​upcycling, they often hide small surprises. For example, one reveals the first name of a world-famous curator, in another, for example, there is an image of a part of a statue of a young man. These are small riddles that we have left for the people to discover – hope they will enjoy,” explains Maja Ošťádalová, Head of Communication, Galerie Rudolfinum.

Original upcycled bags from the LT RUDOLF collection can be purchased at the Rudolfinum Gallery and from 5 December 2019 in the Prague showroom LUCIELA TASCHEN.

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