Archive of exhibitions: 2011

Thus Spoke LaChapelle

Galerie Rudolfinum presents photography exhibition of American photographer David LaChapelle, which includes a representative overview of the most important periods and milestones of his work....

Jan Hísek: Night Rider

The exhibition of paintings by Jan Hísek, aptly called Night Rider, is a summary of his painting over the last approximately seven years....

Kontroverze. A Legal and Ethical History of Photography

The exhibited photographs may be shocking. The organizer recommends that sensitive persons, minors and those who do not wish to be confronted with shocking images consider whether they wish to visit the exhibition....

Undeniably Me

The exhibition focuses on the reflection and changes in the perception and identity in contemporary art. Its open concept creates a network of relations that bring the possibility of new reading and interpretation of both the works themselves, and the given theme. ...

Adriena Šimotová. Revelations (2008–10)

Galerie Rudolfinum is presenting in its small gallery the latest artwork of Adriena Šimotová – specifically that which was created over the past three years when she returned to her work....

Mutating Medium. Photography in Czech Art 1990–2010

The exhibition captures the metamorphosis of photography as artistic media in the dynamic environment of the past two decades influenced by sweeping political changes and technological development aimed at mass digitalization and the democratization of image media....

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