Archive of exhibitions: 2010

Decadence Now!

The Decadence Now! Visions of Excess is the international exhibition project of its kind which attempts to conceptually work with the concept of decadence in current art. The exhibition is not divided chronologically, but thematically into sequential sections which fluently and l...

Landscape / Image / Photography

Landscape photography emerged as a specific genre shortly after photography was invented and began to be used in a practical way. Yet this had not been a matter of course: the perception of the natural environment as subject matter worthy of depiction, not to mention the apprecia...

Double Fantasy

Jan Jedlička (CH), Michal Šeba (CZ), Beate Gütschow (D), Petr Nedoma (CZ)...

Herbert Tobias (1924–1982)

Herbert Tobias (1924–1982) was the enfant terrible among the German photographers of the post-war period; In the fifties, he made a name for himself with glamorous fashion shots, becoming a star photographer within a very short time – and yet he always remained a non-conformist. ...

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