Archive of exhibitions: 2005

Annelies Štrba

What is seemingly the most accessible form of the photographic medium – the family photograph – has been transformed into a vital theme in the oeuvre of Swiss photographer Annelies Štrba (1947). Through the depth of her treatment, her ability to see new qualities in what has been...

Alén Diviš

In the past thirty years, for Czech art Alén Diviš (1900 – 1956) has become synonymous with the concept of the artistic outsider. The difficult to classify loner, creator of hallucinatory visions, horror scenes, and passionate religious depictions, is one of the least researched ...

Skála in Rudolfinum

František Skála, a founding member of B.K.S. and Commander of the Order of the Green Ladybird, ranks amongst the most original creators in Czech visual art to have fundamentally departed from the well-worn clichés of ordinary artistic production over the last twenty years....

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