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Alžbeta Meňkyová

When designing the spatial installation “Co_Když_” (What_If_), Alžbeta Meňkyová was inspired by how painter Daniel Pitín works with space and atmosphere. She was intrigued by his way of building up space, the fact that he leaves parts of it to our imagination and how our inner and outer worlds weave together.

Pitín’s paintings show the playfulness of creating a painting, but also some seriousness and depth – sometimes only lurking in the background and other times obvious at first sight. The greatest inspiration for Meňkyová was the work with a black cutout in the middle of the “Burnt out Cinema”. She decided to create an entrance to this painting, a gateway to its interior, which may also be an intersection to other works of the artist. It represents one of many ways how the space from the two-dimensional world of painting could be extended into the third dimension and what we can see there as visitors.

“When you start exploring, you discover, for example, an igloo or a greenhouse. They are not places as you know them from the real world; they are in fact theatre of film sets that indirectly refer to the work of Daniel Pitín. He paints some of his canvasses using models, or he draws inspiration from film. You will see questions that examine our perception of space,” explains the author of the interactive installation in Artpark. The questions are excerpts from a poem by Jiří Charvát, which was also one of the sources of Meňkyová’s inspiration and which you can listen to within the installation.

Alžbeta Meňkyová is a Slovak artist. Her art is devoted to painting, illustration, but also conceptual and site-specific installations. She graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Košice and the Studio of Spatial Communications at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. She exhibits in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and presently lives and works in Prague.

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