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A new Artpark called Casting Shadow by Czech artist Veronika Drahotová is a reflection of the concurrent exhibition of Belgian artist Michaël Borremans The Duck. Other collaborators which contributed to interactive installation, which is intended to introduce to the gallery visitors, especially children, the author’s creative process and motivation in an entertaining and at the same time educational way, are musician and soundscape author Ondřej Sifon Anděra of the band WWW, video editor Karolína Peroutková and author of the text Bob Kartous.


Veronika Drahotová’s interactive installation Casting Shadow offers children and teenagers a chance to tap into an imaginative world inspired by the work of Michaël Borremans through the back door. The author created an autonomous space, a kind of parallel universe – a shadow cast by Borremans’ paintings. It is inhabited by moving object-beings with which the visitor can interact, change their position and, consequently, their role in the entire story. The world of muted colours, several moving object-beings, countless shadows and images, and special soundscape becomes a place where new stories emerge. Like the central structure, the fine valeurs and morphology of the smaller artefacts evoke tonality, mysteriousness, and only the seeming silence of creatures from Borremans’ paintings.

The specific colour scheme and tension are also mediated by the added video projection, which is predominantly made up of blurred fragments of our reality. Everyday reality occasionally emerges for a moment and becomes clear, only to hide under a wave of other colour and shape symphonies a moment later. The video reflects the colour and content of Borremans paintings. It freely develops motifs of objects that are in the installation. There are five themes that point to five different video sequences. All takes are scenes of lights and shadows, or the contents of a shadowy essence. The sequences are interspersed with five colour areas, which are scanned on the RGB scale from Michaël Borremans’ paintings. Karolína Peroutková collaborated on the visual aspect of the video.

The atmosphere is further augmented with a soundtrack inspired by Baroque music. Ondřej Sifon Anděra of the band WWW reworked the baroque composition Fantasia Chromatica by the Dutch author J. P. Sweelinck.

ARTPARK, which is relaunched in a new format with every new exhibition, seeks to tell the story of the exhibiting artists to adult and little visitors alike. Associated programming for schools or the public, as well as children’s workshops, are a regular feature. At the same time, ARTPARK is a hub for creative relaxation of Galerie Rudolfinum visitors.


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